Corel Painter 2019

Corel Painter 2019

Corel Painter is the ultimate paint tool for the digital artist. Whether you are working as in illus­tra­tor, a concept artist,

Manga and comics, fine art or with digital photo art, Corel Painter have the tools you need to get the job done.

Get creative with over 900 brushes, par­ti­cles and pattern pens. Work with an array of textures, patterns, colours and nozzles to bring your work of art to life.

If you are a photo artist you may like to select the auto painter feature. Open your photo, launch the Auto‐Painting Panels and start photo painting. Edit your image, if desired, then choose Auto‐Clone and let Painter do the work.

It’s as simple as choosing a Smart Stroke or Clone brush and then clicking Play to fill the canvas with real­is­tic paint.

You can adjust with the restora­tion panel and bring back the pho­to­graph­ic detail and get the balance you were looking for or add brush strokes for flare.

Below if Manga or comic is your style, launch the Manga Palette and unlock all of the tools that will stream­line your creation process.

Below if Concept art is your field of interest, then unlock the concept art palette. 

Concept art is used by creative pro­duc­ers, espe­cial­ly for movies and video games, to help portray an idea or, as the name implies, a concept. Unlike typical illus­tra­tion, it is used to estab­lish an idea, mood, or overall feel of the project while under con­struc­tion.

Below if Fine art is your field, Creating fine art in a digital medium has all the benefits of canvas or paper with none of the downside. Create awesome art in various digital mediums like water­colour, acrylic, oils, chalk, pastels and charcoal. 

Below if you are a illus­tra­tor launch the Illus­tra­tion Palette Layout and unlock all of the tools that will stream­line your illus­tra­tion and char­ac­ter design process.

You can ref­er­ence images and open rendered 3D objects to paint, Painter supports the process every step of the way.

Be sure to watch the many helpful tuto­ri­als and webinars to help you succeed.

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