Hit film Pro 3D Modelling and Affects

Hit Film Pro

HitFilm Pro — now avail­able as a add-on for your VEGAS product.

From powerful 3D mod­el­ling and com­posit­ing tools and 800+ cus­tomis­able visual effects & tem­plates to,

real­is­tic particle sim­u­la­tions and plug-ins from BorisFX and the Academy Award-winning Mocha plug-in.

The entire world of visual effects at your fin­ger­tips — with HitFilm Pro.

Your movie ideas brought to life exactly how you imagined with the world-class particle sim­u­la­tor from HitFilm.

Create entire cities, weather sce­nar­ios and flowing, abstract shapes in a 3D envi­ron­ment, together with green screen footage and objects from your own 3D video material. 

Use HitFilm Pro to create huge, city-engulfing fires, heat, energy, liquid and smoke dis­tor­tion effects and neon path effect to create neon signs.

Create 3D models of whatever you want. The objects you create can be animated and recorded using virtual cameras, light, shadows & reflec­tions.

And every­thing is cal­cu­lat­ed for true-to-life physics and maximum realism. HitFilm Pro includes 3D object and title studio plug-ins from BorisFX.

Bring images, graphics and text to life with the new Puppet Tool, you can give motion to raster and vector graphics. 

A 2D actor from the green screen in a 3D heli­copter, or 3D models, layers and particle sim­u­la­tions all inter­act­ing in the same space.

It’s all possible in HitFilms 3D Space, with an ultra-realistic look thanks to effects such as motion blur and depth of field and HitFilms inte­grat­ed cameras.

There’s no better tool for adding objects to existing movie scenes than the Academy Award-winning Mocha plug-in.

The com­bi­na­tion of sim­plic­i­ty, pre­ci­sion and ver­sa­til­i­ty is beloved by tons of big film makers and you can become one too.

There is so much more do not over look this package it is impres­sive.

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