How to make your video’s exciting

So let’s first think about what is an Affect. What does it mean? An affect, being a verb or a (action) to change some­thing! It this case video affects will chance the basic state of your video.

So the basic state of your video, being the raw footage, will now go about change once you use your first software affect.

The result of this change, is now renamed the Effect. This being the (noun) or new name!

Another way to easily remember this outcome, is to (relate and replace) the word Affect, with the word cause. Cause and Effect

So why do you need it now? Editing has never been easier than it is today, along with adding inter­est­ing visuals to your home or com­mer­cial work.

It’s more the question, why not have it. You want some­thing you can impress and be proud of, that you will look at in 10 years’ time and think, that is pretty good. You are creating memories, in which, will never grow old, as we grow old.

Video affects software and what it will do for you.

Well in simple terms, it is going to add addition depth and dimen­sion to your video. In addition, you will have a lot fun creating some­thing com­plete­ly new.

You can start with amazing titles in either 2D or 3D, use filters, tran­si­tions, create explo­sion. Shooting stars, there actually is no limit. You can make it as basic or as crazy as you like.

I suggest you try as many affects as you can, just so you know what they can do. You will end up with some favorites and learn what works for you visually, and what does not.

Not for­get­ting, that you will have to learn how to apply the dif­fer­ent affects to your video. This increas­es your knowl­edge and skill level. It may be that you are doing the video for a friend or client one day. The more you learn about dif­fer­ent affects and how to apply them the better.

Deciding the right video software affects for you.

It may be that you are starting out or now at inter­me­di­ate level or pro. With this said, the advance­ment in affects are forever changing. One of the advance­ments is the con­sid­er­a­tion of the user, and how to make it easier to apply the affects.

What was once at the level of pro resources can now be found in the realm of begin­ners to inter­me­di­ate. So your first con­sid­er­a­tion should be your self-assessment of exper­tise. You cannot run before you can walk.

Along with this, is the con­sid­er­a­tion of the type of video you are planning to make, as video software is now more targeted?

You can have 2D and 3D affects specif­i­cal­ly for applying to your video, or software that creates your complete video from start to finish. You may want to use this type of appli­ca­tion if you are a marketer and want to adver­tise a product to post to YouTube or Facebook etc.

An addition deciding factor will be the pro­cess­ing power and hard drive storage of your computer. Make sure to check the details of the system require­ments of the software you are planning to purchase.

Free video software affects verses paid affects

Well like anyone, we always like to get some­thing for free. And yes, there are some handy tools for free on the internet.

In saying this, when the day comes that you need some system support, or the software crashes, or even worse crashes your computer, will be the day you wish you had spent a few dollars on yourself for once.

As long as you are prepared to take the risk, and feel it is safe then go ahead, but my clear rec­om­men­da­tion is spent a little for the invest­ment of your edu­ca­tion and computer security.

Along with this, there is a good change when pur­chas­ing affects, that there supplier is going to be around in a year or two. The guys that are sup­ply­ing the free software may provide near zero support.

2D vs 3D Animation for your video

There has been a long history and interest in ani­ma­tion on film. You can remember yourself, sitting down as a child, while cartoon type images capture your atten­tion. The same thing is going to apply to your video. You are going to add affects to capture your audience atten­tion.

You should consider your affects, of that of a cook adding spices to a dish. Just the right amount to enhance the flavour, too much and the dish is lost and over­pow­ered.

There is also no reason you should have to choose 3D over 2D in your video; it’s all about getting your message across. You are best to consider the theme of your video and choose accord­ing­ly. In saying this there is also no reason you cannot mix the two.

You are your own master. Apply your affects, and review after a short time has passed. You will soon get a feel for a theme, and what is working, and what is not.

It’s time to take affect

Clearly, there is a lot of software affects options to choose from, but do not be worried, your first chose will not be your last. With an ever-changing digital world, and com­put­ing power, what is in the hands of the big studios today, will be in your hands in the near future.

So select from a variety of software affects that interest you and start building up your library. If you prefer, you can join some software providers as a member, this way you will stay up to date with all the newly released affects.

In addition, you will be able to ask other member for assis­tance and learn some new tricks. Remember there is no right or wrong there is only your creation. Learn to copy like a master, and then learn to be unique.

There will be no video reward­ing to watch as the one you have done yourself.