Vegas Pro 16 Edit

Vegas Pro 16 Edit

If you feel you are working at a pro­fes­sion­al standard, then Vegas Pro 16 may be a better option. VEGAS Pro Edit 16 provides modern video editing tools, and a cus­tomis­able user inter­face. 

It can deliver your project in a wide variety of formats, such as HD or 4K. and render fast with NVIDIA and Intel QSV hardware accel­er­a­tion.

Sub-frame accurate place­ment of dialog, sound effects, and music cues. Work with unlim­it­ed tracks of 24-bit, 192kHz high fidelity for a complete pro­duc­tion.

Connect Vegas Pro Edit to the amazing Music power of Vegas Son­ic­fire Pro 6

Some of the features you will receive are:

  • Blu-ray and DVD Disc burning from the timeline
  • Inter­ac­tive tuto­ri­als
  • Picture-in-picture OFX plug-in
  • Crop OFX plug-in
  • 4K project support (up to 4096x4096)
  • Bézier Masking
  • Over 390 Video affects
  • Over 200 2D and 3D video tran­si­tions
  • Primary and Sec­ondary colour cor­rec­tion
  • Pro­fes­sion­al lighting effects
  • 3D com­posit­ing mode
  • VST plug-in effect support
  • Instant freeze frame creation and much more
  • Video Sta­bil­i­sa­tion Watch video
  • Tiny Planet OFX Watch video
  • Bézier masking OFX Watch video
  • AutoLooks OFX Watch video
  • MAGIX eFX audio plug-ins Watch video

There is really so many pro­fes­sion­al tools to access . Far to many to list you will have to check it out below.

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